All About Injection Molding

One of the prime and fast processes, Injection molding is a popular method to manufacture fabricated plastic products. All sorts of goods are manufactured with the use of this technique be it the household items or the engineering equipment. There are a set of activities which are performed at the Plastic Injection Molding companies which are highlighted and explained in this article which will help you understand the working of the organization and open it if you are an entrepreneur.

Raw Material Used:


  • Most commonly used thermoplastics for the purpose of melting are provided below:
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polypropylene
  • Polystyrene
  • Acrylonitrile- butadiene-Styrene
  • Nylon PA

Different types of thermoplastics yield different types of results. Proper selection of raw material is very important as this counts as the first step. Every step is necessary and since this is a fundamental step, the importance for the same increases. Now let us try to understand the types of products which are normally manufactured by these companies.



  • Battery casings
  • Telephone Handsets
  • Wheelie bins
  • Washing up bowls
  • Bottle caps
  • Electrical switches
  • Disposable razors
  • Drug inhalation units
  • DVDs
  • Syringes

These are some items which are written just for a rough idea. The list is not exhaustive and the industry produces a vast variety of products. Let us move on to the process of making these products.


The process involves a simple mechanism where the hopper produces the material in the injection molding machine. It is equipped with a heated barrel, which is attached to a screw which is reciprocating continuously. This screw inserts the molten polymer into the ram during the process. The melted raw material is directed into the mold through, which starts the process of taking shape of the mold. The Mold is then cooled down and when cooled under specified conditions are taken out of the mold. The pressure maintained should be high at all times so that the product produced is free from cavities and strong. blow mould

The size of the machine and types of machines can vary. It depends on the manufacturer as to which type is suitable for carrying out his/her own business. The owner can go in for purchasing a Locking force machine or a toggle type machine. If the machine purchased is large then the locking force of that machine will be very high. Machines can be purchased according to the customized requirements of the manufacturer. Usually the small injection units and high locking force are good from the perspective of accuracy. The efficiency of the work done also increases with that.

Everything is computer driven today. In the age where everything is getting automated, the injection Mold companies are no exception. This not only leads to standardization and easing of the work performed, but it also increases the efficiency of the company. The labor cost per head goes down and the overheads incurred are also low. This makes it a cost effective option. There are a number of molders availablE.

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