The Review of the Antique Slot Machine


As with any other hobby or vocation, collecting antique slots machines is largely a labor-of-love. It’s not a lucrative hobby, but it is more rewarding than other hobbies like stamp collecting and art collecting. For those who love the one-armed bandit, however, there is no substitute.

The History of Slot Machines

We will give you a quick tutorial for those who are just curious about the history of America’s slot machines. Charles Fey, a San Francisco mechanic, invented the slot machine in 1895. Although few people are aware of the inspiration behind the invention of the entertainment machine by Mr. Fey, his business was the internal combustion engines, it is not surprising.

The Liberty Bell Slot Machine was his first and undoubtedly most beloved effort. The nickel slot featured three spinning wheels that were adorned with hearts and spades as well as diamonds. A small prize would be awarded to the player if identical suits or bells were matched up. It was not the same as today’s jackpots. It was actually only fifty cents, so you could not call it a jackpot. game slot

The machine was a huge success, and Fey was able quit his job to make slot machines full-time. Fey could not keep up with the increased demand. It seemed like every bar and saloon in the region, and the state, wanted one of his machines.

Fey was able negotiate a 50/50 split of all profits with bar owners who rented his machines. Yes, renting. Since they could keep all the profits, he did not allow businesses to buy his devices. Local business owners had to take the hard decision, but Fey was the only one in town and they could choose to accept it or not. They took it more often than not.

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