The Vital Components of Valves and Their FunctionsIntroduction to the Plug Valve

the valve is the rotating plug body with a through hole, which runs vertically on the axis of the pipeline. The plug body is activated by the valve stem so as to reaching the shutting off performance. van điều khiển khí nén

Actually, the plug valve has been developed and applied into a variety of industries for a long time. With the simple but compact structure, immediate operating and low fluid resistance, this kind of valve has been occupying a high popularity. The body of the valve, which is mostly cone (cylinder as well), cooperate with the tapered surface of the valve seat in order to form an excellent sealing surfaces.

The materials such as the cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, chrome molybdenum steel or brass are generally applied into the produce of the valve body. And the adoption of the W、F or T for the produce of the seal surface greatly increases the variety and performance of the valve itself. besides, many efforts have been done to improve the sealing and service life. For example, the specially manufactured grease lubricant is poured from the top of the body to the area between the hole and the body. Such does help to form film to reduce the friction.

At this moment, the plug valve can be connected by the flanged, welded or clamped connection. And the worm gear can be used to drive the valve. According to the channel, the valve can be classified into the straight-through type, three-way type and four-way type. No matter what, the valve itself is available for the control of the water, oil, gas, natural gas or some acids and so on. In order to optimize the performance, it is necessary to be careful on the installation and regular maintenance. And it should be mentioned that plug valve is not allowed to be used for regulating the flow.

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