Working Effectively in a Hotel Room

Ever find yourself spending more time in a hotel room during a trip than you’d like? I always try to get extra work done either due to necessity or so that I can have more free time after my trip, and although hotel rooms may not be bad places to work, they are not always great and a few changes and tips can make working in them far more efficient. 분당풀싸롱

First of all, put a do not disturb sign on your door, latch it, and get comfortable. You really don’t need anyone turning your bed down or otherwise hassling you during your work. Take your shoes off if you’d like, even your pants and shirt if you’d like. I often work in a bathrobe, often supplied by the hotel. You are not in the office so you don’t need to act like it.

There will be a desk of sorts, although it may have junk on it. Get rid of the junk. I’m currently in a hotel room and I moved the phone, some hotel literature, and the room service menu to the floor. They just get in the way.

Lighting is also critical. The way the lighting is set up may not be ideal for you. Feel absolutely free to move lamps around, both desk and floor lamps. For example I left the desk lamp alone here but moved a floor lamp behind me for better illumination. I’m paying enough for this room and I can do whatever I’d like within reason!



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